It is important to keep your details updated. This will ensure that any correspondence and renewals are sent to the correct address.

If you change your name, you will not automatically be issued with a new bus pass, as your old one will still work. If you do want to order a pass in your new name straight away then there will be a £10 charge for this. Otherwise, your new name will be printed on your pass when it is next replaced or renewed.

If you move to an address outside Warwickshire, you must return your bus pass, and apply to your new local authority for a bus pass.

You will need to provide evidence of your name change, or new address.

Accepted documents

Change of name

  • marriage certificate
  • civil partnership certificate
  • deed poll
  • adoption certificate
  • decree absolute

Change of address

  • Council Tax bill (current tax year)
  • gas or electricity bill (less than three months old)
  • landline telephone bill (less than three months old)
  • water bill (less than three months old)
  • official receipt for rent, or tenancy agreement (less than three months old)
  • NHS medical card

To update your pass you can:

In addition to your evidence, you will need your bus pass/bus pass number (the long number across the front of the pass) or your date of birth and previous address.