The bus pass can be used across England on local bus services. In Warwickshire, this includes the Flexibus.

If your bus pass was issued by Warwickshire County Council you can travel:

  • From 9am and up until midnight if you journey starts in Warwickshire
  • From 9.30am until 11pm on weekdays anywhere else in England
  • All day at weekends and on bank holidays anywhere in England.

The bus pass is for your own personal use, it cannot be used by any other person. If the pass is fraudulently used it will be withdrawn and the holder may be prosecuted.

The bus pass is not valid on:

  • bus services outside England
  • coaches (including long distance)
  • tourist coaches
  • trains
  • trams
  • London Underground

Please carry your bus pass with you. If you are unable to present a valid bus pass, you will not be able to travel free and you will be expected to pay the full fare for your journey.

All the bus passes are now smartcards. They are the size of a credit card, made of plastic containing a microchip and antenna which can store information electronically. Most buses will have a smart card reader. Instead of having to show the driver your bus pass, you simply swipe your bus pass through or across the reader. On older buses, you will need to show the driver your bus pass.

If you travel by bus in London, your pass will not scan because the ticket machines use a different technology. You will need to show your bus pass instead. Sometimes the drivers do not know this, so you may wish to print out the relevant two pages from their driver handbook (PDF, 920 KB) ('big red book') and carry them with you.

The bus company does not need to know how far you are travelling because they are paid a fixed amount per journey regardless of whether you travel just one stop, or whether you stay on the bus for many miles. On the older ticket machines, you may be issued a ticket which has the wrong destination printed on it. This does not mean that the bus operators will be paid too much.

The bus pass is not suitable to be used as a formal photo ID and we cannot guarantee the identity of the passholder. If you are looking for a formal photo ID you can apply for a CitizenCard - UK Photo ID card and Proof Of Age on the citizen card website.