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RPC practitioner toolkit

Reducing Parental Conflict

Conflict between parents is normal, but if exposure is frequent, intense and poorly resolved, this can have a damaging impact on children, resulting in long-term mental health issues and emotional, social, behavioural and academic problems as they grow up.

There is growing understanding and awareness of the need to address and reduce parental conflict that sits below domestic abuse.

Conflict between parents, rather than the event of parental separation or divorce, is a key factor in explaining why some children fare better than others when parental relationships break down.

Practitioner toolkit

The Early Help Team in Warwickshire is proud to present this Reducing Parental Conflict Practitioner Toolkit.

Conflict and abuse are not the same. Conflict can be part of a normal relationship; this toolkit focuses on how conflict can be constructive rather than destructive. The toolkit has been designed to support practitioners who have completed the Reducing Parental Conflict Practitioner Workshop. Please ensure that you have accessed the training prior to using it.

The toolkit will support practitioners when working with families to prevent conflict from escalating and causing harm to children, young people and their families.

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