Other support available

Early Help support

Before making contact, you should consider what support your agency can provide and whether Early Help support is appropriate. Please contact 01926 414144 if you need to find out if Early Help is the right option.

Early Help Single Assessments

An Early Help Single Assessment will help identify where a family needs help. It is voluntary, and the family must consent to any support given.

Find out more about Early Help Single Assessments and the training available to complete an assessment.

If there is an Early Help Single Assessment already in place, please liaise with your Early Help officer in the community. Call 01926 414147 to find your local officer.

Working with the family

The Family Information Service (FIS) may be able to help if a child or family needs more help than you can offer. They can provide information on the range of services available in your area.

More information about the support FIS can offer.

Special Educational Needs (SEN) support at nursery, school or college

Find out what SEN support is available at nurseries, schools and colleges.

Getting a social care or carer’s assessment

Most children can be supported through Early Help. Some children may also require a social care assessment. Please call 01926 414144 to request a social care assessment.

If you are a carer you can request a carer’s assessment to see what support is available to you.

Find out what support is available for carers.