Children in entertainment

Apply for a child performance licence

For detailed information about child employment regulations and requirements please see GOV.UK – Child employment.

To apply for a child performance licence please download, complete, and return the application form to us.

Please note:

  • A performance licence will still be required if a child is performing abroad, but these are issued by your local Magistrates Court. For further information contact your local Magistrates Court. Birmingham Magistrates Court details are 0121 212 6609.
  • For sporting activities or modelling the licence applicant is the person responsible for the organisation of the sporting event or the person who proposes to engage the child as a model.

Child performance licence application form (DOC, 169.5 KB)

  • The application form should be returned at least 21 days before the start of the first performance.
  • Complete the attached word file then print and return to us. Unfortunately we currently do not have online applications.

If a child is to be absent from school a letter authorising the absence should be submitted with the application form to avoid any delays.

  • We may refuse to issue a licence if the performance is believed to be detrimental to the health, care and/or education of the child.
  • We may acquire additional information from the applicant before a licence is issued.
  • In some cases we may also revoke previously issued licences (licences which are currently running) if there are concerns about the welfare of the particular child named in the application.

For further information on licences email


A child does not require a performance licence when:

  • The child is required to perform for one day and in the 6 months preceding that performance the child has not exceeded the 3 day unlicensed exemption period (a child can possibly perform for 4 days in a 6 month period without the need for a licence);
  • and they do not require time off school (paid or unpaid);
  • or the performance is under arrangements made with school or a Body of Persons (Body of Persons exemptions can be granted by a local education authority or secretary of state if certain criteria are met);
  • and no payment is made to the child or any other person, except for defraying expenses.
Exemption Declaration (DOC, 68 KB)

Apply for a chaperone licence

Children must be in the care of either their parent (the child’s legal guardian) or an approved chaperone at all times. For more detailed information please see GOV.UK – Performance licences and supervision for children.

A chaperone licence is valid for three years.

The chaperone approval/renewal cost is £25.

Download, print and complete either the chaperone application form or the chaperone
renewal form and contact our office to arrange to undertake a DBS check.

An interview will be required for all new chaperones.

For further information on chaperones email