Support for carers – carer’s assessment

3. Carers assessments

If you need support to be a carer we will carry out a carer’s assessment. You can have an assessment regardless of whether the person you care for has eligible needs.

If you care for a person under the age of 18, or a disabled child you will be referred to the relevant children’s team for an assessment.

If you provide paid care under contract, or as part of voluntary work, you would not normally be regarded as a carer. However, if you care for the person outside of that arrangement, we may consider to assess you as part of that care.

We will carry out your assessment if the person you care for lives in Warwickshire. For example – if you live in Coventry, but the person you care for lives in Nuneaton. We will do the assessment.

How to get an assessment

Young carers

If you are under 18 you need to contact The Young Carers’ Project directly on 02476 217740.

If you are at school it is important to make key people aware of your carer’s role.

Adult carers

For a well-being check please contact the Carers Trust Heart of England. The well-being check will identify if you need a carers assessment. However, you can still request an assessment by calling 01926 410410.

Alternatively, if the person you care for is being assessed by a social care practitioner, speak to them about how you can have your needs assessed and they will be able to offer you information and advice about this.

Before your assessment you might find it useful to think about:

  • How would you describe your caring role?
  • Do you look after anyone else? E.g family, children
  • Are you able to maintain a habitable home to live in?
  • Are you able to go shopping and prepare meals for yourself and your family?
  • Are you able to develop and maintain family or other significant personal relationships?
  • Does being a carer affect your job, training, education or volunteering?
  • Do you have any leisure time?
  • Is other support available to you or the person you care for?

After the assessment the social care practitioner will talk to you about the services that can help to support you in your caring role. A support plan will then be put together to help you.

Direct Payments for carers

A carers’ Direct Payment is a sum of money we provide directly to a carer to enable them to have a fulfilling life outside of caring. This can be provided as a one off, or ongoing payments.

For information about Direct Payments.


We do not currently charge for services provided directly to carers.

There are other services that you may benefit from which are subject to charges, such as respite or breaks for carers. This is because they are provided directly to the person you care for. For example, they may have a stay in a residential home – giving you time out from your caring role.

If we do provide a chargeable service to the person you care for we will base the charge on their ability to pay.

For information on our charges.

Support for carers – carer’s assessment was last updated on June 15, 2017.