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If you are eligible for funded social care, an appropriate package of care will be put in place. If we have arranged your home care, we will regularly review the service and update you accordingly.

You can pay the home care provider yourself directly if:

  • you have savings of more than £23,250
  • you are a couple with savings of more than £46,500

For more information please see the social care charges.

In certain instances, we might arrange the care on your behalf and you would pay the full cost of your care if you have savings of the above.

Care and support plan

The information you provide during your assessment is used to calculate your estimated personal budget. How you wish to use this money will be written in a support plan.

Your support plan will include:

  • how having support will help you achieve your plans and outcomes
  • how having support will help you be as independent as possible
  • how having support will help you keep safe, healthy and well
  • any help you need to organise your support
  • what you will spend the money on, such as:
    • employing someone to support you in your day-to-day life ( a personal assistant)
    • buying support from a care agency
    • meeting other people, perhaps at a local club
    • keeping well by having regular exercise, perhaps swimming, or being part of a local walking group
    • having help to run your home
    • having a break so that your family carer can have some time off
    • learning a new skill or maintaining an existing skill
  • evidence that your plan is within your personal budget.

A social care practitioner will meet with you to help you with your plan. You can also ask a friend, family member or a trustee to help you as well. The final amount of money is only confirmed when your support plan is agreed. This is called your personal budget.

If we cannot agree over your support plan, or the amount of funding, the plan will need to be reviewed. We will discuss with you ways we can agree your support plan. If you still disagree with our decision you will be given details of how you may appeal.

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