Changing schools

If you wish to apply for a place at any of the following schools then you will need to apply directly to the school. Do not apply to Warwickshire Admissions as we will not be able to process your application (please note that this list is currently being updated).

All Saints Bedworth C of E Primary School
Southam St James C of E (VA) Primary School
St Lawrence C of E (VA) Primary School
St Nicolas C Of E (VA) Primary School
Studley St Mary’s C of E Junior School

Warwickshire residents applying for a place at other Warwickshire Schools

If you are a Warwickshire resident and wish to apply for a place at a Warwickshire School then you should apply through Warwickshire Admissions.

The process for changing schools in Warwickshire is explained in the Change of School Leaflet. Please read this thoroughly before submitting your change of school application.

*** Please note: All change of school applications must be accompanied by valid proof of the child’s main address. Applications without accompanying valid proof of address will be delayed.***

Please complete all sections of the Change of School Application Form .

Section B must be completed by the child’s current or most recent school. Failure to include Section B with the application will result in delays. If you are unable to obtain this information, for example if your child has been educated outside of the UK, then we recommend you include a recent school report if possible.

Warwickshire residents applying for a place at schools outside of Warwickshire

If you are a Warwickshire resident and wish to apply for a place at a school outside of Warwickshire then you should contact the relevant local authority. For example, if you wish to apply for a place at a Coventry school, then contact Coventry Admissions.You may then need to apply using the Warwickshire Change of School application form.

Non-Warwickshire residents applying for a place at a Warwickshire School

If you live outside Warwickshire, but wish to make an application for a place at a Warwickshire school, please contact your home authority (who you pay your Council Tax to) to discuss the application process. You may then need to apply using the Warwickshire Change of School application form.

The only exception is if you are applying for a place at one of the schools listed above, you should then apply directly to the school.

Other things to consider

Please discuss your reasons for transfer with your child’s current school. Wherever possible you should try to resolve any problems at your child’s current school. A move for a child can be very disruptive.

Starting school for the first time and junior / secondary transfers

If your child is starting school for the first time, moving up to junior school from year 2, or moving up to secondary school from year 6, more information is available here.

Finding a Warwickshire school

Find a Warwickshire school

You may wish to contact our offices and we can tell you which schools are near to an address or which schools may have spaces. We can also advise on school priority areas. Schools may be able to send you their prospectus or arrange for you to come in and look around.

Moving to a grammar school

Applying for a place at a grammar school.

You will need to complete a change of school application form, however you may also need to arrange testing for your child.

Year 11 places

If a student has already started studying in Key Stage 4 it is important that they transfer to a school that can match the majority of options chosen. Children changing school in Year 11 will fall under the In Year Fair Access Protocol, please see below.

In-Year Fair Access Protocol (IYFAP)

Some applications may need to be considered under Warwickshire County Council’s ‘In Year Fair Access Protocol’ (IYFAP). This applies to certain children when it has not been possible to secure a place through the normal in-year admissions process.
Applications dealt with under the IYFAP can take longer than 10 school days as additional support may need to be put in place.

Children who may be considered under Warwickshire’s Fair Access Protocol:

The vast majority of children will be placed under the normal in-year admissions process. However, where a school with places wishes to refuse an applicant, and chooses to refer the case for placement to the local authority, the child must not already have a place in a local* school and must fall under one of the following categories:
a.children from the criminal justice system who have been excluded and are eligible to be reintegrated into mainstream education
b.children who have been out of education for two months or more
c.children of Gypsies, Roma, Travellers, refugees and asylum seekers
d.children who are homeless
e.children with unsupportive family backgrounds for whom a place has not been sought
f.children who are carers
g.children with special educational needs, disabilities or medical conditions (but without a statement)
h.children in Year 11 at the time the original application is submitted

*A local school is the priority area school, a school geographically closer than the priority area school or a school where Warwickshire County Council is providing transport.

If your child’s application is being considered under the IYFAP then you will be notified of this.

Further information on the IYFAP can be found here.

Post 16 education

To apply, or for further information on post 16 education please contact the school or college directly.
Details of schools sixth form admission arrangements can be found here.