Blue badges – disabled parking

The blue badge scheme is a European scheme which gives parking concessions in the UK and Europe to people with severe mobility problems. It allows badge holders to park closer than other members of the public to their destinations.
The blue badge scheme in Warwickshire is administered by Warwickshire County Council who issue badges in accordance with guidelines and regulations provided by the department for transport.


Eligible without assessment

Anyone who meets one of the following criteria is eligible for the issue of a blue badge without further assessment:

  • receives the higher rate mobility component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA).
  • you receive a Personal Independent Payment (PIP) and meet the “moving around” descriptor for the mobility component because you either cannot stand or can stand but walk no more than 50 meters. This is a score of 8 points or more.
  • receives a War Pensioner’s Mobility Supplement.
  • is a registered blind person under the National Assistance Act 1948.
  • has been awarded a benefit (giving rise to a lump sum at tariffs 1-8 inclusive) under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) and has also been certified by the Service Personnel and Veterans agency as having a permanent and substantial disability which causes inability to walk or very considerable difficulty in walking.

Eligible following assessment

Those who do not meet one of the criteria on above, but meet one of the following criteria, may be eligible for a blue badge:

  • has a severe disability in both upper limbs, regularly drives a motor vehicle, but has difficulty operating parking meters.
  • has a permanent and substantial disability which means you are unable to walk or have very considerable difficulty in walking.
  • children under 3 years of age who, because of a specific medical condition, needs to travel with bulky medical equipment or needs to be close to a vehicle for emergency medical treatment.

If we feel a face-to-face assessment is needed, we will contact you within 28 days of you being referred to the service.

A face-to-face assessment usually takes 45 minutes, but may take longer if it is complex. You will need to bring proof of prescriptions, photographic proof of identification and your usual walking aids.

The assessments will take place at:
Millbrook Healthcare
Site B
Leofric Business Park
Progress Close

Google – location map for Millbrook Healthcare

After the assessment, a decision will be made to issue or decline a blue badge and we will inform you within 7 days.

Applying for and renewing your blue badge

We recommend that you read the further information before applying for a blue badge. – Apply for or renew a blue badge online

When applying for a blue badge please enclose:

  • your application form – please remember to sign the application
  • original letters to confirm:
    • Higher Rate of Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance
    • Entitlement for the War Pensioner’s Mobility Supplement
    • Award under Armed Forces and Reserve Forces (Compensation) Scheme
    • a healthcare professional that has been involved in the child’s treatment
    • please enclose the original up rating letter for Personal Independent Payment (PIP) “moving around” descriptor letter
  • photocopies of proof of address and identity to support your application. Please don’t send originals in the post
  • one passport-sized photograph of yourself, which you have signed on the back(these can be family photographs cut to size)
  • fee of £10.00 (please make cheques payable to Warwickshire County Council)

There is an administration fee of £10 for successful applications.

To help you to complete your application, please refer to the guidance notes.

Alternatively, you can get an application pack for a Blue Badge by contacting:

Customer Service Centre

Warwickshire County Council
Customer Service Centre
Shire Hall
Market Square
CV34 4RL

Telephone: 01926 410410

This address is for postal applications only.

Renewing and re-applying

If you have previously owned a blue badge and require it to be renewed, please re-apply through the application process described above.

What can you expect from Warwickshire County Council when you apply for a blue badge?

Once we receive all of the documents to assess your application, we will assess your application, and we will either:

  1. Send you your blue badge with a confirmation letter and pack
  2. Ask you to provide further information to help us to assess your application
  3. Offer you a mobility assessment. This will be because the information on your application is not enough for us to reach a decision. The mobility assessment is to ensure that your application is assessed fairly.
  4. Send you a refusal letter explaining the reason for the refusal

Misuse, appeals and complaints


Misuse of a blue badge is a serious offence. Your badge can be withdrawn if you misuse it or allow others to misuse it.

The blue badge scheme: rights and responsibilities in England.


If you are dissatisfied with the decision that you are not eligible for a blue badge, you should write to the team manager at the address on the letter informing you of the decision, stating clearly why you think the decision was the wrong one.

Comments and complaints

If you have any comments or complaints about this service please let us know.

Guidance on using a blue badge

The blue badge is issued to a person, not a vehicle. This means the badge holder may use the concessions whenever he/she travels as a driver or passenger, regardless of who owns the vehicle. Only the person to whom the badge has been issued may use the concessions, that is to say, the badge holder must be in the vehicle when the concession is being claimed.

Guidance on where you are entitled to park when using a blue badge are set out in Gov.UK – blue badge scheme: rights and responsibilities in England.

The only time that someone else may use the badge, without the holder being in the vehicle, is if they are dropping off or picking up the badge holder. The badge must be removed from display as soon as the vehicle leaves the area which is accessible only to vehicles displaying the badge.

Warning – it is now a criminal offence for someone other than the badge holder to use the blue badge concessions. If they do, they are liable to a fine up to £1,000. The blue badge can be withdrawn if the holder misuses it or allows other to misuse it.

Further information

Gov.UK – blue badge scheme

The blue badge scheme in Warwickshire is administered by Warwickshire County Council who issue badges in accordance with guidelines and regulations provided by the department for transport.

Badge no longer needed, or user has passed away

If the badge is no longer needed, please call us on 01926 410410 or return to the address opposite.

National Fraud Initiative

We are required to participate in the National Fraud Initiative. This is an exercise run by the Audit Commission to prevent and detect fraud.  We may use the information you provide to prevent and detect fraud. We may also share this information with other bodies that are responsible for auditing or administering public funds.

National Fraud Initiative Privacy Notice


Blue badges are usually issued for three years.

If your blue badge was issued by Warwickshire County Council, we will write to you approximately one month before your badge is about to expire to remind you to re-apply for a new one

Lost or stolen badges

You should report the matter to the police; blue badges are valuable in the wrong hands. If the badge was issued by Warwickshire County Council, contact the customer service centre on 01926 410410 and tell them as soon as possible.

You may request a replacement badge under these circumstances. You will be asked to fill in a new application form. You will need to provide two recently taken passport style/size photographs of yourself that must be signed by you on the back. You will be asked to pay an administrative fee of £10.00 to cover the issue of the badge.

If you have been given a replacement badge and the lost or stolen badge is then found or recovered, do not use it, it must be returned to the customer service centre.


There is an administrative fee of £10.00.

You will also be asked to provide two, recently taken, passport style/size photographs of yourself. These may be obtained from a local photographer or a photo booth, or you may use a family photograph cut to the right size.

Unsuccessful applications

There is no legal requirement for local authorities to have an appeals procedure in place if someone disagrees with their application being rejected. However, if you are not happy with the decision, we do have an internal procedure in place to deal with appeals whereby unsuccessful applicants can write, within a set deadline, to seek a review of their unsuccessful application by a senior manager within the relevant department.

The appeal must be made within 28 days from the date of the local authority’s decision letter. Please send your request for an appeal to:

Warwickshire County Council
Customer Service Centre
Shire Hall
Market Square
CV34 4RL

Telephone: 01926 410410

Blue badges – disabled parking was last updated on September 23, 2015.