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Good mental health and emotional wellbeing can be difficult to define. It is closely linked with our physical health and wellbeing and one can affect the other.

Our mental health can also be affected by other things that affect us in life and, sometimes, we can just feel low or mentally unwell for no particular reason we know of.

Find information below on services and support aiming to help you look after your mental and emotional health and find support if you are experiencing difficulties.

Peer mentor support service - This is an early intervention/prevention service offers one-to-one peer mentoring support and buddy support to three main groups of children and young people:

  • young adults aged 17, transitioning through pathways from children and young people’s mental health services to adult mental health services
  • young adults aged 17–25, who have never accessed mental health services but are at risk of needing a mental health intervention; and
  • young adults leaving care aged 18-25 who are at risk of accessing mental health services.

Rise – Coventry and Warwickshire’s wellbeing and mental health services for children and young people. Click on the young people tab to find out more information about Rise, mental health explained and information on a range of conditions along with recommended resources and top tips to help you feel better. To help you understand how Rise can help, view the A Journey with Rise leaflet

Kooth – Kooth is a free, safe and anonymous place for young people aged 11-25 to find online support and counselling. As well as confidential counselling online, Kooth offers access to lots of self-help tools such as discussion forums and an online magazine. You will need to 'join Kooth' first by selecting Warwickshire from the drop-down list and then adding the area where you live and some further details.

CAMHS Resources – This site was created for young people, carers and professionals to pool together lots of helpful resources from across the internet that are available to help support your mental health and well-being. There are downloads, apps, websites, videos and books all free to use.

Every Mind Matters - Looking After Your Mental Health - Having good mental health helps us relax more, achieve more and enjoy our lives more. Expert advice and practical tips from Public Health England to help look after a child's mental health and self care for young people.

Support for Parents - Parenting Mental Health - For parents of a child or young person with depression, anxiety or other mental health issues it can often be a struggle to find support for yourself.  Parenting Mental Health offers support, training and connection with other parents going through similar situations. Initially set up by Suzanne Alderson, a parent from Berkswell, the charity has a local facebook group as well as the international website which covers the UK, USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Young People's Mental Health - The Royal College of Psychiatrists have worked with young people to create some useful resources about young people's mental health. It is aimed at young people and their parents and carers.

This May Help - This May Help supports parents and carers with concerns about their child’s mental health, across important subject areas such as self-harm, eating disorders, school avoidance and more.

Dimensions Tool – The Dimensions tool is a web-based app that will help you find wellbeing support in the Coventry and Warwickshire area that is specific to your needs or someone else’s needs. The tool will tell you about relevant advice, support and local interventions that may be helpful after you have answered a series of questions. The Dimensions tool is free to use and has been developed in conjunction with parents and carers, referrers and clinical staff. View the Dimensions leaflet

'Hope' animation shares young adult mental health journeys

A new animation from Warwickshire County Council shares genuine mental health journeys from young people in Warwickshire.

The young adults within the video share details of the challenges they have faced and how they started to feel better. We are sharing these stories to help people feel that there is hope, no matter how dark things may seem, and to encourage them to reach out for support when they need it.

Watch the 'Hope' animation

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