Feel better about yourself and boost your confidence using books

Self-help books can help you cope with the pressures of life, feel better about yourself and boost your confidence.

A national survey found that 81% of people use self-help books reported that the books made them feel more confident in managing their symptoms.

Books for young people

Reading Well for Teens is a collection of books aimed at young people which can help with concerns such as anxiety and stress or more specific concerns or difficult experiences such as eating disorders, grief, and depression. The books are also likely to be useful for parents, carers and anyone working with young people.

Books for young people

Books for children

Reading Well for children recommends reading to help children understand their feelings and worries and cope with tough times. The books have been chosen by children, carers, health experts and librarians. They are endorsed by leading health organisations such as NHS England, Mind and the Royal College of GPs. The booklist is aimed at children in key stage 2 (7-11 years) and includes books that can be read independently or shared with carers.

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MiniSorted! books help children to understand and talk about a range of common issues (such as feeling sad or worried, bullying and self-esteem). Intended for parents, carers and anyone working with young children to share.

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How to borrow the books

Some of the books are available as eBooks.

You can also borrow the books from all our libraries in Warwickshire. You will need a Warwickshire library card to borrow the books.

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You can also reserve a book via the library catalogue (search and request button) for collection at any library in Warwickshire. Books can be borrowed for three weeks, and the loan easily extended online, by phone and in the library.

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Library loans and borrower details are treated as strictly confidential.

Information for practitioners

The service can be recommended by any practitioner working with children and young people. A verbal recommendation is acceptable however you may want to use one of the recommendation forms. You may recommend a specific book, a category of books, for example, anxiety, or the entire collection, so that the person can find the book(s) that best suits them.

Reading Well – about the collections

The collections are provided by our Library and Information Service and public health.

Shelf Help is a national Books on Prescription collection created by the reading charity The Reading Agency. Information about the national collection and The Reading Well programme can be found at Reading Well.