Application requirements

Successful dropped kerb applications will:

  • Not endanger or obstruct traffic or pedestrians
  • Be constructed in accordance with our approved specification
  • The vehicle hard-standing will comply with the minimum dimensions detailed below.

How much space do you need?

There must be enough space on the forecourt so a parked vehicle does not overhang the footway, block doorways and that manoeuvring on and off the highway can be done safely.

The vehicle hard-standing within the property frontage must have the following dimensions:

  • a minimum of 5m deep at its shortest point, at least 2.4m wide and set at 90 degrees to the carriageway
  • if the access is to lead to a garage, there must be a minimum depth of 6 metres to allow for door opening
  • We will not normally permit full width access or in and out access to the property 
  • Access will be denied if it has a detrimental impact to street parking 

Highway safety

Your application will be assessed to make sure that adequate sight lines are maintained to allow vehicles can get on and off the highway safely. Applications refused may include those where the proposed vehicle access is:

  • onto a section of road where traffic speeds are high on the approach to a traffic signalised junction
  • where regular queuing takes place
  • close to a roundabout or traffic signals
  • less than 15m from a junction
  • immediately adjacent to a pedestrian refuge, or traffic island, which would prevent a vehicle turning in excess of 90 degrees in a single movement
  • at a bus stop, where use of a crossing could conflict with passengers waiting or make it difficult for disabled passengers to get on or off a bus
  • unlikely to provide adequate forward visibility for other drivers, pedestrians and users of the proposed access
  • likely to have a detrimental effect upon the availability of on-street parking spaces