Recruitment and selection process

The recruitment and selection of on-call firefighters is dependent upon you living or working within five minutes of one of the service’s fire stations. We have a six-stage process:

Application form -  the first stage of the process is to apply online.

If you have any questions please contact our recruitment team at

Once your application has been submitted, you will be contacted to discuss the job and your availability in more detail.  

Awareness day – this is held at a fire station and gives you a chance to learn more about our recruitment process and role related tests (this is optional). 

Written tests – this stage involves completing two tests which are detailed below:

  • Working with numbers - this test assesses your ability to understand and work with numerical information
  • Understanding information - this test assesses your ability to read and understand written information of the type you are likely to experience as a firefighter.

Role-related physical assessments

You will be required to undertake a range of physical tests to assess your fitness, strength and confidence in relation to the on-call firefighter role. These tests simulate some of the situations you may face as an on-call firefighter.  

These tests can be physically demanding and we would advise you to consider your fitness at an early stage to give you the best chance of completing them successfully. 

If you are not sure whether your fitness levels are up to the level of a firefighter, do not despair!  Our 6 week workout plan includes a series of cardio and strength training exercises, using your own body weight as resistance. We also have videos which will give you an insight into each of the role related physical tests:    

Values-based interview – the main purpose of the interview is to assess your general aptitude for the job and to gather examples of when and how you have used skills that are important for potential on-call firefighters.  

Pre-employment checks (i.e. Medical, fitness, References, Right to Work)

The final stage of the selection process is the medical and fitness assessment.  Candidates are required to attend an appointment with our occupational health advisers who will test your hearing, eyesight, BMI, blood pressure, lung function, urine and immunisation status and undertake a full clinical assessment.  

You will also undertake a fitness assessment with our physical fitness adviser who will check your aerobic capacity, grip strength and leg and back strength.