Living a life that is free from harm and abuse is a fundamental right of every person. Within Warwickshire we are proactive in recognising and responding when these rights are at risk of being jeopardised. Our Safeguarding Adults team is at the forefront of preventing and responding to these situations, looking at both immediate and long-term risk to promote the welfare of the vulnerable people we work with.

The team applies the principles of wellbeing and putting customers at the centre of our work by making safeguarding processes individual to each person and focussing on the outcomes they wish to achieve. The strength's-based approach is key in recognising and supporting individual capabilities and empower them to improve their lives.

Safeguarding is everyone's business, and the team supports practitioners across Adult Social Care and our partner agencies in responding to and managing situations of risk involving a wide range of customers including older people and those with physical and learning disabilities. The team offers offering expert advice and guidance as well as working directly with customers to undertake enquiries, investigations, and progress safeguarding plans.

If you are passionate about helping to safeguard vulnerable adults and want to be part of a dynamic, supportive, and proactive team, a role in the Safeguarding Adult's team may be for you!

Service Development and Assurance

There are always ways in which we can grow and develop ourselves and the service we offer to our customers. The Service Development and Assurance team has a focus on promoting the continued improvement of practice within Adult Social Care, striving to ensure we are the best we can be.

The team brings considerable knowledge and experience of promoting positive, strengths-based practice and a culture of continuous learning. They work to identify, share, and promote good practice across Adult Social Care through a range of activities including case reviews, audits, and direct communication with teams.  

The team includes Policy and Assurance Officers who are at the forefront of developing and reviewing guidance and procedures, ensuring they remain up-to-date, relevant, and useful to practitioners. They work on developments with the Mosaic recording system and look at how we engage with our customers so they can be involved in developing the services we deliver.  

Principal Practitioners within the team act as professional experts and mentors, working closely with frontline staff to support day-to-day practice through activities including complex case discussions, running continuing professional development sessions, and supporting reflective practice.  They are able to use their practice links to help shape service developments with a practitioner focus as well as recognising and addressing common practice issues.

Some recent examples of the work undertaken by team include a review of support for we offer to our carers, improvements to how the Mental Capacity Act is applied in practice, and planning for the upcoming implementation of the Liberty Protection Safeguards.  

If you are interested in an opportunity to help shape practice within Adult Social Care, a role within the Service Development and Assurance team may be for you!

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