Agile working

The vision of the Our People Strategy is, ‘Warwickshire County Council, a great place to
work where diverse and talented people are enabled to be their best’. Describing a culture that embraces an adult to adult working relationship. 
The overarching considerations being:

  • Service Delivery – Is at the heart of all we do, and so business need has to take
  • priority.
  • Trust – We trust our people and believe that everyone who works for us wants to
  • do a great job and embodies our values and behaviours.
  • Choice – We celebrate that our people are diverse and that everyone works at their
  • best in different ways, therefore how you work will in the main be your individual
  • choice.

We focus on performance not presenteeism and therefore offer the opportunity to work flexibly where possible within our services. This includes working remotely from a variety of office locations, onsite at client & customer locations and from your home.

Discussions around how agile working fits within the role and how this will benefit you will be discussed at your interview, should you be successfully shortlisted for a role.