Immigration advice

Pro bono solicitors

A group of volunteer legal professionals with immigration/asylum expertise was set up on 28 February 2022 to provide free UK immigration and asylum advice to Ukrainian citizens affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. To request advice, please contact with some details of your circumstances and advice needed. 

  • Free UK immigration advice for people fleeing Ukraine  
  • Here for Good - Free legal advice and application advice

Legal aid solicitors

If you are on a low income and need help from an immigration solicitor, you can search the list of legal aid providers. 

Legal aid is not "public funds" for the purpose of immigration rules, so you can apply even if you are on a visa that doesn't normally give you access to public funds (such as benefits).

Immigration advisers

You can also find an immigration adviser on the Home Office adviser finder tool. Select the level of advice required and the location. You can filter the search to view Not Fee Charging (free) advisers only.