Trading Standards Enforcement Policy and Civil Law Advice Policy

The aim of the Trading Standards Service is to create a fair and safe trading environment for consumers and businesses in Warwickshire and to ensure compliance with a wide range of consumer protection and fair trading legislation. To achieve this aim the Service is committed to providing advice, information and education to both consumers and businesses and to ensuring that non-compliance is dealt with in a manner which is open, consistent, proportionate and fair.

Warwickshire Trading Standards Enforcement Policy (new) (PDF, 164.33 KB)


Warwickshire Trading Standards Civil Advice Policy (pdf, 87 Kb)


Trading Standards: Service Standards

These policies are intended to provide guidance for officers, businesses and consumers rather than to set down a prescriptive set of rules. Nothing in these policies should be construed as restricting the discretion of the Council to take legal proceedings or other enforcement action in cases where it is considered to be in the public interest. Anyone wishing to make comments about either policy is invited to write to Janet Faulkner, Group Manager, Warwickshire Trading Standards Service, using the address details to the right. These comments will assist us in the continual monitoring and annual review of the policies.

Trading Standards Enforcement Policy and Civil Law Advice Policy was last updated on December 21, 2017.