Road Safety Schemes

The Highway Authority improves the safety of the County’s roads by identifying and treating those sites and routes that have a recent significant personal injury crash history. As speed is a major factor in many crashes, the majority of work addresses speeding problems and can include traffic calming. The County Council also ensures traffic management (including parking management), and signing complies with key legislation and best practice. Road Safety Education is also a key function of the group, including school crossing patrols.

Many requests for safety improvements are made every year. As resources will never be able to address every road safety issue in the County, new schemes are identified using road safety intelligence to ensure as many casualties as possible are prevented with the funding available.
No funding is currently in place to address community speeding concerns unless a particular area has high numbers of injury accidents (normally 6 or more recorded crashes in a 3 year period).

Unfortunately, in many cases there won’t be a treatable pattern of crashes as driver behaviour may be a major contributory factor in many collisions.  Therefore more educational or enforcement based activities may be of greater benefit.

Individuals with concern relating to excessive speed, should approach Warwickshire Police through their local Community forum.

Road safety and traffic schemes