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Skills shortages can be a significant barrier for growth. In a recent survey, two-thirds of businesses reported that they were facing skill shortages.

We support businesses to tackle these issues and our dedicated Business Skills Advisor can provide independent, objective and pro-active support.

Working with the Mid Warwickshire Employment Group, we have developed a five point plan to provide practical ideas to businesses to help address skills shortages.

Get involved

Sign up to our Tackling Skills Shortage Programme for a free Skills Assessment for your business and help to develop your own bespoke skills strategy. You will also get the chance to attend a series of workshops and events.

Upskill and develop

Look at the workforce that you currently have, and how you can develop their skills. Our skills assessment can help identify the types of training that are most suitable for you, the most appropriate provider, and find funding.

Widen your search

It is worth considering how your business could tap into wider pools of potential workers that can sometimes be overlooked. Make sure that you are selling your company in the best way to attract the workers you want.

Grow your own talent

Building links with local schools and colleges can help attract young people to your business, providing a new pool of labour.

This could mean lower recruitment costs, better retention rates, and can help bring in new ideas and a connection to younger consumers.

Our Skills for Employment programme can link your business to local schools & colleges, and help fund innovative projects to address skills shortages by working with our young people. You could also consider an apprentice.

Business support

With low unemployment and controls on migration, shortages of labour could become the ‘new normal’. See how you can adjust your business model through a range of business support programmes.