Student finance

Student loans

Student finance is now operated by – Student Finance England.

Student Finance England
PO Box 210

Telephone: 0845 300 5090

Exams, school trips and activities


The first time your child takes an examination as part of his or her school course the school usually meets the costs. Exceptions are:

  • if the school agrees to your request to enter your child for an examination other than than the one they recommend.
  • if the student misses all or part of an examination (including mandatory course work elements) for no good reason.

For further details please contact:
Pupil and Student Services,
Saltisford Office Park,
Ansell Way,
CV34 4UL
Tel 01926 742071

School trips and activities

Education provided by schools for pupils in school time, should normally be free. However, some activities in and out of school times are only possible if the cost is met by voluntary contributions from parents, carers and other sources. A school may ask you to make a voluntary contribution for your child to join an activity taking place in or outside the school even if it is during normal school hours. In general parents and carers are required to pay the cost of board and lodgings for pupils on school trips. Although music is provided as part of the curriculum, schools can charge parents and carers for pupils who receive instrumental tuition.

Each school has its own policy on charging for activities which takes into account the legal requirements. The headteacher will be happy to provide more information.

School uniforms

There is no requirement under the Education Act 2005 for local authorities to fund a uniform clothing allowance and this is not available from Warwickshire County Council. You may however wish to contact the school to see if they have an in-house scheme to assist with uniform costs.