Improving the Local Offer



You said, we did
You said We did

I didn’t know about support available.


The SEND Local Offer webpages have been updated to provide clearer, easier-to-find information for families. We have also improved communication with:

Information and advice for neurodivergent people has been improved with a new e-booklet.

We are also improving our standard letters and processes relating to Education, Health and Care Needs Assessments and Plans, and providing more training for SEND Assessment and Review staff.

I cannot find any facilities to read the text aloud or change the font or background colour. The accessibility page just directs me to other programs. There is an assumption that I am using my own computer at home and have these things already set up.

We now have the Reachdeck accessibility toolbar on all Local Offer pages to improve accessibility. Reachdeck allows the user to easily read the text aloud, translate into a different language, change the font size and background.


I couldn’t find any videos to illustrate information in the text.

We are improving our pages by making more use of videos and other visual resources to make our pages more accessible.


I cannot find what I am looking for on the SEND search facility.

The SEND search was a requested facility from our earlier feedback because using the WCC wide search was misleading. However, we have had some issues with the SEND search requiring exact key word terms. We are working to improve this following feedback.


The old Local Offer did not tell you what SEND support should be available in a school or how to get this support.

We have improved the information in the SEND support in mainstream education pages to cover the support settings must provide and how they do this. There is also information for post 16 education, tips on preparing for a meeting and the specialist support services that may be involved. We have also delivered briefings to schools and community groups, and parent carer webinars outlining the information available via the Local Offer.


The EHC needs assessment information is unclear and difficult to work out as a parent. Also, it doesn’t tell parents how they can apply themselves.

We are working to improve the content of these pages with a full breakdown of the EHC needs assessment process, who can apply and how.


I couldn’t find the neurodevelopment information or how to refer into the service.

There is now a direct link to the information and advice for neurodivergent people and their families on the Local Offer front page.


I can’t find anything about transition to adulthood when this involves going to university.


There is information on transitions here:  but we are currently working to improve these pages.

For more information on You Said, We Did regarding wider SEND services please see: