Nuneaton is the largest market town in Warwickshire. The town, which sits around the river Anker, is currently undergoing major redeveloping as part of the Transforming Nuneaton scheme. The town’s industrial heritage centres round ribbon and coal production. But now, with its advantageous location in the heart of the UK, Nuneaton is becoming known as a centre for distribution. Notable former residents include writer George Eliot and filmmaker Ken Loach.

When residents were asked for their thoughts about Nuneaton - which then formed part of the artists’ brief for this project - they said they are proud of their cultural heritage and famous sons and daughters. There is a keen desire to see more opportunities to engage with culture and many would like to see bold and colourful changes to the town centre, including interesting places that provide cover and opportunities for informal play. Many residents made reference to the river and the desire to make more of it. 

Accent London’s Creative Director, Grant Radford, has created a piece of street architecture which comprises a seating area with a cyclical undulating form echoing Nuneaton’s rich silk ribbon weaving heritage, as well as referencing the flow of the river Anker – thereby tying together two key pillars of the town’s identity. The form also echoes the flow and movement of the town as it undergoes a period of transformation. The woven patterns of the piece were made with interlocking slats in different tones creating an interesting interplay of colours, as adults or children walk through, or around the seating. 

‘Weave’ will be located on Bridge Street, in the heart of the town and has the potential to be incorporated into the changing streetscape. It is located on the edge of two key development sites which will include a community library, business centre and new work units. The new developments will also enable improved access to the river Anker through to the George Eliot Memorial Gardens.

Bridge Street location

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