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Sometimes schools don't have enough places for everyone that applies. Where this is the case, all applications are assessed and ranked according to certain criteria. Places are then offered in ranking order.

Different types of school will have different criteria. Community schools, voluntary controlled and controlled schools use the admissions policy and criteria defined by ourselves. However, voluntary aided, foundation and academy schools can have their own admission policies.

Warwickshire admissions policy Entry
Secondary admission arrangements (PDF, 545 KB) 2019/20
Secondary oversubscription criteria (PDF, 99 KB) 2019/20
Primary oversubscription criteria (PDF, 94 KB) 2019/20
Primary admission arrangements (PDF, 584 KB) 2019/20
In year admission arrangements (PDF, 513 KB) 2019/20
Primary and secondary PANs 2020-21 (PDF, 558 KB) 2019/20
2020 school entry consultation (PDF, 46 KB) 2020/21
Primary admission arrangements (PDF, 804 KB) 2020/21
Primary oversubscription criteria (PDF, 272 KB) 2020/21
Secondary admission arrangements and coordinated scheme (PDF, 504 KB) 2020/21
Secondary oversubscription criteria (PDF, 111 KB) 2020/21
In year admission arrangements (PDF, 753 KB) 2020/21
Primary and secondary school PANs (PDF, 301 KB) 2020/21
Primary admission arrangements (PDF, 608 KB) 2021/22
Secondary admission arrangements (PDF, 543 KB) 2021/22

Coordinated admission schemes

All local authorities must have in place a scheme for coordinating admission arrangements for schools in their area. Coordinated schemes allow parents to make a single application for a school place and to receive a single offer (in accordance with the Education Act 2002).

As well as being responsible for coordinated admissions, We are the admissions authority for all community and voluntary controlled schools within the county. Admission authorities must set and determine their admission arrangements annually. If there is no change from the previous year, there is no need for further consultation.