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Apply for a highway search

A standard highway search will provide information in relation to a specific property or road on:

  • highway status of named roads
  • road schemes (within 200m)
  • traffic schemes
  • railway schemes
  • outstanding notices relating to highways
  • compulsory purchase orders
  • public paths and byways
  • parks and countryside

Before applying you may want to view our publicly available information.

The cost of a standard search is £30.20 (plus VAT).

Questions about Village Greens/Common Land cost at an additional £13.30 (plus VAT).

Enquiries regarding highway extent (width of highway) cost £75.00.

For Highway extents of greater than 200m there is a charge of £75.00 per 200m of road (in other words, 0-200m chargeable at £75.00, 200-400m chargeable at £150.00). If you are uncertain of the exact length that you require then please forward a plan to us at [email protected] for a quote.

Search requests should be accompanied by a cheque made payable to Warwickshire County Council. Emailed or faxed forms without a supporting cheque will not be responded to.

To apply for a search please download and complete an application form:

Responses to standard searches will be provided within two working days provided the request was received during office hours.

Responses to highway extent queries will be responded to within 10 working days where possible.