Casualty/collision reduction studies

Collision analysis

Road safety engineering, along with collision investigation studies, play a major part in the actions local Councils need to take in order to achieve a reduction in casualties/collisions along their road network.

Some local authorities are finding that the detailed work required to investigate and implement casualty reduction schemes can be quite a challenge; this is where the Warwickshire County Council (WCC) traffic and road safety team can help.

Warwickshire County Council traffic and road safety team have the knowledge and experience to comprehensively support your organisation in reducing the number of casualties/collisions within your road network.

Our experience

Warwickshire County Council and its highly skilled traffic and road safety team are committed to reducing casualties and collisions on the County’s road network. The team has carried out countless traffic and collision studies at specific site locations, along routes and throughout areas in both urban and rural locations of Warwickshire and GB. Taking a data-led approach, sites with the highest number of casualties are ranked. Investigations are conducted to identify any form of patterns and causation factors to the collisions, and how appropriate cost-effective traffic calming engineering works can be implemented at the locations to reduce the number of collision and casualties. Following this approach Warwickshire County Council have seen a reduction year on year of collisions and casualties on its road network.

  • Data Lead investigations
  • Appropriate cost effect engineering works implemented
  • Reduction in collisions and severity
  • Reduction in casualties

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