What Warwickshire County Council’s Road safety audit team offer

Warwickshire County Council can undertake road safety audits for various levels of schemes and offers a quick turnaround on the delivery of all stages of audit reports.

We conduct data lead collision studies to help reduce casualties on the road network.

Being a trusted local authority allows us to be extremely competitive on price, with no overheads, and no ‘profit-hunting’.

We can conduct road safety audits for other local authorities*, and because of being a local authority ourselves, we are pragmatic and understanding of political pressures.

Technical approval for S278 and Section 38

*Additional reviews for audits in Warwickshire are conducted at no additional cost

What are road safety audits?

Road safety audits are the independent, systematic, assessment of highway alterations/improvements schemes (proposed and as constructed) to identify hazards, recommend mitigating actions and record subsequent responses to those recommendations and monitor road safety performance.

The road safety audit considers all road users and evaluates the impact the scheme might have upon vulnerable user groups such as pedestrians and cyclists.

The various stages of road safety audits

Highway schemes shall be road safety audited at the following stages:

  • Stage 1 – Upon Completion of Preliminary design
  • Stage 2 – Upon Completion of Detailed design
  • Stage 3 – Upon scheme completion (ideally prior to the scheme being opened to public traffic), in both daytime and darkness conditions
  • Stage 4 – When personal injury collision data is available for 12 months and/or 36 months following scheme completion.

Where a scheme is of such a limited scale that no preliminary design has been necessary, road safety audits may be combined to form a combined stages 1 & 2 audit.