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What further information is available?

Extracts of the definitive map

Extracts of the working copy of the definitive map are available for £4.60 for an A4 or A3 extract. If a larger extract is needed, the cost is based on the staff time needed to prepare it (minimum £11.40). Please email for a quote.

Large scale location plan

If a large scale plan is required, it is necessary to request a search.

Property searches

A detailed highway search enquiry includes (if requested) information about any claims for additional rights of way or claims to upgrade/downgrade rights of way over a land parcel. The rights of way team will also provide a large scale plan or mark definitive rights of way on a large scale plan provided by a solicitor or search company, as part of the enquiry. This costs £34 per property/land parcel.

For any of these, email for more information.

Deposits under Section 31(6) of the Highways Act 1980  

This enables a landowner to deposit with the highway authority a map and statement showing the ways (if any) that he/she admits are dedicated as highways. The deposition will provide a degree of protection against claims for additional rights of way based on deemed dedication. It can be kept in force by the landowner submitting Declarations and Statements of Truth at intervals of no greater than 20 years. As from 1st October 2013 a new application form for S31(6) of the Highways Act 1980 has been combined with a statement under S15(A) of the Commons Act 2006.  

A fee for both dispositions is payable as follows;  

Highways Act 1980 s31(6) depositions and renewals  

  • £200 for landholdings up to 2 hectares in one locality  
  • £500 for landholdings over 2 hectares or in multiple locations  

Commons Act 2006 s15A(1) landowner statements 

  • £400 per landholding up to 10 land parcels  
  • £100 for each additional 10 parcels up to a maximum of £700  

Application form and guidance  

On acceptance of the application the information for both types of deposition is added to the on-line register for public inspection. 

For more information about submitting a deposit email 

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