Overdue and lost library items

Return and renew on time to avoid charges

You can avoid unnecessary charges by returning your loan items on time to any Warwickshire Library. Inter library loans (books from another authority) have to be returned to the Warwickshire library that they were borrowed from.

There are many ways to check the return date of your loans and renew – renew your loan items.

Paying fines

Payment can be made at your local library.

  • Select the ‘pay’ option on our self service machines (cash only) or;
  •  Ask a member of staff  (cash or cheque accepted).

Library item costs and fines

Overdue notifications

We will send you overdue notifications as a courtesy. We hope that these reminders are helpful, but please be aware that failure to receive a courtesy email will not oblige your library to waive any overdue charges that you may incur.

Contact Warwickshire Libraries if you have any difficulties.

The following table explains when the overdue notifications are triggered.

Overdue items
Overdue noticeBooks and talking booksCD’s
First overdue email, telephone call or letter15 days overdue8 days overdue
Invoice29 days overdue22 days overdue
Possible instigation of court proceedings (additional costs incurred)42 days after invoice42 days after invoice

Payment plan

If you are unable to pay all the charges, a payment plan can be set up. The plan is a signed agreement between you and the library service, informing you:

  • why the method of payment is being used;
  • how much should be paid;
  • how regular the payment should be;
  • of the consequences of not maintaining payments;
  • that you can only borrow books when the outstanding amount is less than £10;

If you are concerned with any outstanding debt on your account, please contact your local library, where a member of staff will advise you on your options.

Replacing lost or damaged items

If you have lost an item you will be asked to pay the replacement cost. The replacement cost for lost items is the price on our library management system. If there is not a price on our system then a standard charge will apply.

Overdue and lost library items was last updated on January 14, 2019.