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Take time to talk

Taking care of our mental health is important to live happier lives. We all know that a cuppa and a chat with a friend or neighbour can help to boost feelings of wellbeing and talking about the things that worry us can bring clarity and a resolution to the issue.

If a family member, friend or neighbour has approached you to discuss a sensitive issue, please use the following as a guide to help and support them.  

  • Give the person the time they need to tell you what is worrying them. Don’t be tempted to hurry them along or assume what they are going to tell you.  

  • Ensure you are somewhere quiet and are not overheard by others. If you’re in a noisy or public space, take the person to another room – so you aren’t disturbed.  

  • If the person is worried for their own safety help them to contact an appropriate helpline. Professionals will be able to talk them and offer access to ongoing support. 

  • If the person has already taken steps to get support – they may want you to go with them to a GP appointment. Your presence may be the confidence they need to tell the GP/professional about their situation. 

  • Check in on the person either by phone or in person. If you are ever worried about someone and are concerned for their safety please call 999.  

  • Finally, make sure you look after yourself and ensure you have someone to talk to about your own mental health and needs. 

Sometimes more support is needed and that’s when Warwickshire services are here to help. The county council has a dedicated page that can be found at which lists support for services for young people, counselling and bereavement support and much more.  

Wellbeing for Warwickshire is just one of the services on offer and is supported by Mind Coventry and Warwickshire. The intuitive website will guide you through a series of questions and point you to the right service –  

If you are concerned for someone’s safety, then please access the out-of-hours support from Safe Haven Warwickshire on 024 7771 4554. In an emergency dial 999. If you think someone you know may be affected by domestic abuse, please signpost them to 

More information to help people stay well is available at Cost of living advice and support can be found at 

Published: 31st March 2023

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