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Warm Welcome @Warwickshire

Libraries, museums and other community venues across Warwickshire are putting on additional events and offering extended opening hours for vulnerable and isolated people this winter.

Health guidelines recommend that people heat the rooms they are using to 18°C to avoid health complications such as heart problems, hypothermia, or exacerbation of existing medical conditions. However, with the rising costs of energy bills and other household expenses, many people are finding it harder to heat their homes sufficiently.

Warm Welcome locations have been established in various facilities across the county for those who are struggling with energy costs or who are feeling vulnerable or isolated. Residents are invited to attend on their own or with their family or friends, to have a safe and warm place to spend some time.

Participating venues include:

These locations will also provide wraparound support, to help visitors access advice and guidance from partner organisations such as Citizens Advice. There is a dedicated page on the Cost of Living website for Warm Welcome locations.

Councillor Heather Timms, Portfolio Holder for Environment, Climate and Culture, said:

“Looking after your health in winter is always important, and this year there are likely to be additional challenges due to the rising costs of living making it harder for people to heat their homes adequately. We want to make sure that no one in Warwickshire is ever unable to stay warm and well, and our Warm Welcome locations are part of this.”

“Coming along to a Warm Welcome isn’t just about being inside a warm building – there will be opportunities to take part in interesting activities, talk to other people and connect with your local community.”

If you want to get involved with Warm Welcome locations or have your location included, please email

Available support for Warwickshire residents, such as help paying energy bills and childcare costs, can be found on the Cost of Living Hub.

For advice on staying safe and well this winter, visit our Winter Wellness webpages.

Published: 6th December 2022

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