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I’ve studied for 16 years, so I have a lot of teachers and courses to compare. My conclusion? I loved being your student.’


For better or for worse, teachers make a difference. At school, Catalina’s teacher made her cry. She would overhear her talking about how she thought Catalina would struggle to achieve anything in life. It was determination that pushed Catalina on to graduate in Family Law. She persevered despite anyone’s opinion. Being quiet and shy with new people does not mean you are unintelligent!

Work and travel

As an adult, Catalina left Romania and came to live in Warwickshire, where she got an office job. The legal system is different in the UK so she works in planning, now. She believes finding out about the way things are done in different countries has helped her develop as a human being. Striking out on her own has been empowering, too.

A writer is born

Catalina took English classes with ACL. Her tutor, Graham, knowing she enjoyed writing, suggested she join Creative Writing, as well. She thought, ‘OK, I’ll just be quiet and listen, see if I can fit in’ but soon she was con-tributing to discussions confidently and she didn’t feel left behind at all. She is developing a novel with a fresh, exciting concept. Without giving too much away, it explores generational relationships in an unexpected setting, and is sharp, funny and very readable. Watch this space!

Personalised learning

Catalina says learning with ACL has given her a lot of motivation. She finds it really hard to keep going without tutor input—’it’s great to be able to talk things over.’ Catalina likes learning online. She finds the classes ap-proachable, and the timings fit in with her busy life. But ACL’s personal touch can’t be under-estimated. Having company on the learning journey is one of the things that Catalina has liked best, someone to help her see her next steps. She’s made good friends along the way, and had some interesting discussions, too.

Coming to my groups over lockdown helped me feel like I was part of society! It’s been a challenge to share ideas and learn so many things. I loved being your student!

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Published: 24th September 2021

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