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Information for Ukrainians

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Щоб перекласти сторінку, спочатку натисніть значок «перекласти» або «Навушники» у верхньому правому куті сторінки (на мобільних пристроях унизу справа). Це відкриє панель інструментів у верхній частині сторінки. Натисніть кнопку перекладу та виберіть мову зі списку. Ваш вибір буде застосовано на всіх сторіноках веб-сайту ради графства Уорвікшир

For information regarding support available to Ukrainians in Warwickshire, please read this document first:

As a humanitarian crisis unfolds in Ukraine, we want to reach out to all of our Ukrainian residents, and anyone with friends and families affected by, or concerned about, events in Ukraine.

There are various support groups, organisations and information to support Ukrainian people coming to the UK.

£200 Interim payment for guest

Each guest under the Homes for Ukraine scheme will receive a £200 payment once the guest has arrived in Warwickshire.

Please advise us of guest arrival(s) by email - or telephone 0800 408 1447 so we can ensure the interim payment is made to the guest(s).

Free Vodafone SIM cards to Ukrainian guests

Thanks to support from the Vodafone everyone connected initiative Warwickshire Community and Voluntary Action (CAVA) are pleased to be able to support 400 individuals arriving to Warwickshire under the Homes to Ukraine programme with a sim card. The sim cards are Pay as You Go SIMs that will each come with 20GB data each month plus unlimited calls and texts for a period of six months (activated on use).

If you have come to the UK on one of the Ukraine schemes or you are a host family please apply for a sim card for your guest (s) via this online form:

Delivery to CAVA is expected in early May and sim cards will be dispatched as quickly as possible once received.

As this is part of this funded grant CAVA will require feedback from recipients on the support these sims have enabled.

If you have any questions on this support please email

National support

Local support

Getting your child into school

If you would like your child to attend school in Warwickshire, then you will need to submit an application to us.


How the NHS works: a simple explanation of how the NHS works in England

Migrant vaccinations guide: advice on how to get up-to-date with your vaccinations upon arriving in the UK

COVID-19 vaccinations - ages 5 to 11

COVID-19 vaccinations - ages 12 to 17

COVID-19 Spring Booster for people over 75 and in care homes

COVID-19 vaccine for people with a weakened immune system

TB, BCG vaccine for babies

Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccination guide

Advice for doctors and medical students

Immigration advice

Pro bono solicitors

A group of volunteer legal professionals with immigration/asylum expertise was set up on 28 February 2022 to provide free UK immigration and asylum advice to Ukrainian citizens affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. To request advice, please contact with some details of your circumstances and advice needed.

Legal aid solicitors

If you are on a low income and need help from an immigration solicitor, you can search the list of legal aid providers.

Legal aid is not "public funds" for the purpose of immigration rules, so you can apply even if you are on a visa that doesn't normally give you access to public funds (such as benefits).

Immigration advisers

You can also find an immigration adviser on the Home Office adviser finder tool. Select the level of advice required and the location. You can filter the search to view Not Fee Charging (free) advisers only. 

Travelling with pets

We recognise that many people fleeing the conflict will not have been able to complete the full health preparations required for their pets, especially in relation to rabies. We have, therefore, put in place a new streamlined process for people bringing their pets from Ukraine. The Animal and Plant Health Agency will provide quick approvals and relevant quarantine arrangements, for which we will cover the costs.

Before arriving they or their carrier should contact the Animal and Plant Health Agency who will confirm their approval and will then organise any necessary stay in quarantine which is required to complete the rabies treatment process. The maximum stay in quarantine for a pet which has received no rabies treatment is four months. Pets will be considered case by case, and those which have already received some treatment would spend less time in quarantine.

Ukrainians should contact the Animal and Plant Health Agency at or should call +44 3000 200 301 and select option 2.

Driving in the UK

The rules for driving in the UK as a resident with an EU/EEA driving licence will depend on the types of vehicles you drive.

Please note: If you passed your driving test in any country outside of the EU/EEA you may only be able to drive on a valid driving licence for up to 12 months.

Car and Motorcycle Licence Holders

If you passed your driving test in the EU/EEA you can drive cars and motorcycles on a valid licence until the age of 70 or for 3 years (whichever is the longer period).

Lorry and Bus Licence Holders

You can drive on a valid licence until the age of 45 or for 5 years from becoming a resident (whichever is the longer period).

If you’re over 45 but under 65 you can drive on a valid licence until your 66th birthday or for 5 years from becoming a resident (whichever is the shorter period).

If you are aged 65 or over you can drive for 1 year from becoming a resident.

Don’t forget:

Lorry and Bus licence holders must register with us. To register, you’ll need to complete a D9 application form. These can be printed here

The rules for driving in GB as a resident with a Designated licence are below:

Car and Motorcycle Licence Holders

If you passed your driving test in a Designated country you can drive all the vehicles shown on your driving licence for up to 12 months from when you became a resident in GB (as long as the driving licence remains valid).

If you want to drive for over 12 months, you will need to exchange your driving licence for a GB driving licence.

Please note: If you passed your driving test outside of a Designated country you may not be able to exchange.

Lorry and Bus Licence Holders

You cannot drive lorries or buses in GB on your driving licence. You will need to exchange your licence and pass a GB driving test in the vehicle required.

If your licence is not from an EU/EEA/Designated country.You can drive any category of small vehicle shown on your licence for up to 12 months from the time you become a resident.

You must apply for a provisional driving licence and pass a GB driving test before the 12 months is up, otherwise you must stop driving. You can see more on the DVLA website.

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