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Understanding money

Family Money Matters

Warwickshire Adult and Community Learning (ACL) delivers ‘Family Money Matters’ as part of Family Learning, for parents and carers in Warwickshire.

Through a combination of adult learning and fun family activities, this free course will help you to:

  • reflect on personal money habits
  • develop confidence to have family conversations about money
  • develop skills for promoting positive attitudes, behaviours, and skills around family finance.

ACL will be running this course at different times through the year, online and in a venue.

Contact for more information about this course.

Contact to find out more about all of Warwickshire ACL's courses for adults, or visit the ACL web pages.

Money Skills

Money Skills supports you to manage your money by providing practical tips and step by step guides. Small manageable changes can have a huge impact on finances. Set goals, budget, learn and save using the Money Skills website, download on Google Play or App Store.

Money, Money, Maths

Money, Money, Maths is a money awareness workshop that covers saving energy and the planet, shopping for less and balancing your budget. They are all free to anyone in Warwickshire who has the right to reside in the UK, is 19 or over and has less than level 2 in maths. The workshops are informal and friendly and will be delivered across the county in Rugby, Leamington, Nuneaton, Atherstone, Bedworth and Stratford.

Stop Loan Sharks

Stop Loan Sharks investigates and prosecutes illegal money lenders and providers support for borrowers in the UK. If you have borrowed from a loan shark or are worried about someone else, they’re here to help you and keep you safe. Their specifically trained staff will provide you with emotional and practical support that is tailored to your needs.

Stop Loan Sharks offer advice on the tell-tale signs that someone is a loan shark. These include offering cash loans without any paperwork, charging extortionate interest, taking bank cards and passports as security and threatening behaviour or violence to get money. Other features include a search tool to help users find credit unions and legitimate lenders, links to confidential debt advice services and information about shark arrests and court cases.


From saving plans to long-term financial planning, Citysave Credit Union’s range of services has you covered. With affordable loans and expert guidance, they’re here to help you achieve your goals and overcome any challenges. They simplify the process of saving and managing finances to ease any concerns you may have about your future, supporting your financial wellbeing with their deep understanding of financial security.

Joining Citysave Credit Union is free! You can kickstart your savings journey with as little as £1 per month, and you have the freedom to adjust the amount whenever you need. It's an opportunity to build up funds for holidays, Christmas, or to establish a small emergency fund. Accessing your savings is now easier than ever with their newly launched mobile app, or by simply giving their office a call.

Citysave also have a PrizeSaver account that is designed to motivate and reward savers! By depositing any amount from £1 to £200 into this account, you stand a chance to win up to £5,000! For every £1 saved, you'll receive one free entry per month, with a maximum of 200 entries. The more you save, the higher your chances of winning!

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