Bullying UK

Bullying UK is part of the service offered by Family Lives and gives advice and support on a range of bullying issues from:

  • general advice
  • cyberbullying 
  • bullying at school and at work
  • advice for young people, parents and schools

Find out more about Bullying UK and Family Lives.

Anti Bullying Alliance

The Anti Bullying Alliance offers information about all aspects of bullying with lots of advice for parents, young people, schools and teachers, GPs and health staff. There is also advice on making a complaint and bullying at work, cyberbullying, and bullying and the law.

Bullying and what to do as a parent

 MindEd for families has produced a step-by-step guide for parents to explore whether and how the child is being bullied and offer advice with resources to take this further.

NSPCC bullying and cyberbullying

The NSPCC has advice for parents and carers to help keep children safe from bullying, wherever it happens.


Childline has information and advice for young people on bullying, abuse, safety and the law.

Ditch the Label

Ditch the Label covers a range of issues related to bullying, for example why people bully and how to stop bullying others.


Mencap have information for parents and carers to help them support a child or young person who is being bullied, including how to work with your child's school. Mencap also have information for young people with a learning disability and links to staying safe online and mate and hate crime.

Disability Research on Independent Living and Learning (DRILL)

DRILL has information on a new report on disability-specific elements of anti-bullying guidelines. The report suggests that there is widespread ignorance of disability issues among schoolchildren, even those who have special educational needs or who are disabled.