Building resilience in ethnically diverse communities

The Reducing the impact of COVID grant 2021-23 is aimed at community and voluntary organisations. There is £325,000 available across Warwickshire to support: 

  • Warwickshire’s communities and individuals to be safe, healthy and independent 
  • Warwickshire’s economy to be vibrant and supported by the right jobs, training, skills and infrastructure 

All applications should aim to build community capacity and improve the health and wellbeing of predominantly ethnically diverse communities living in Warwickshire by focusing on one or more of the following: 

  • Reducing social isolation  
  • Mental health and wellbeing  
  • Unemployment  
  • Physical health  

Round 2 applications 

Applications for round 2 open Monday 4th April 2022.  

Applications for round 2 close Sunday 22nd May at 23:00pm  

Round two consists of 2 Lots of funding: 

Lot 1 – up to £5,000 - Target completion date Oct 2022.

Lot 2 – over £5,000 to £15,000  - Completion date June 2023.

How to apply 

Please ensure you read the guidance notes carefully before submitting your application  

Application forms can be downloaded from here.  

Watch the session on how to fill in the application form:

To submit your application, there are two parts that need to be submitted.  

  1. The word document version of the application form.  
  2. The online form will also need to be filled in, all the details of the online form can be found in the word document application form, this process assists us with processing all the applications. 

You will receive a notification once your application is submitted.

Where to get support

We also have a session lead by CAVA to support applicants fill in their application and explain the process to you on the Wed 4 May 2022. Booking for the support session is now open.

If you have any questions or require any further information please email