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Currently in Warwickshire we are able to meet our duties under the Care Act.

This means that we no longer need to take some of the measures we were taking (referred to as easements) to streamline and prioritise our work.

We are carrying out full Care Act assessments and our providers are able to offer the care and support that people need.

What are easements?

Easements are legal changes that mean local authorities do not need to follow all of the rules that they normally would under the Care Act. Full details of the legal changes can be found on the Department of Health & Social Care webpage

There are four stages set out in the guidance

  • Stage 1 is working as normal before the legal changes
  • Stage 2 is prioritising and making decisions as allowed before the legal changes
  • Stage 3 (which Warwickshire was at before 23 May) is streamlining processes in order to maintain safe services
  • Stage 4 is reducing or removing support from some in order to keep those with greater need safe

Warwickshire is currently at stage 2.

Why is my service closed?

Some people will have noticed changes to their services. These are because we all need to follow the rules about social distancing and keeping vulnerable people safe. This means that day centres and other group support have had to close temporarily. This is to stop the spread of the virus and is not being done as part of the easements.  

Our day care providers are keeping in touch with people and providing some support in different ways, where it is safe to do so. In addition, we have arranged alternative care and support where it has been needed. 

As soon as the government advises that it is safe, these day services will start again.

Face to face working

To keep you safe, and also to keep our staff safe, we are doing a lot of our work by telephone and video calls. For most people we can continue to do everything we need to in this way.

For some people though, particularly those with communication needs, we know this is not ideal and we are doing all we can to work around this.

We continue to visit people when there is no alternative way to carry out our work. When we do this, staff will keep you and themselves safe by maintaining distance, washing hands and when necessary using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). All Warwickshire County Council staff have PPE ready to use if they need it.

What should I do if I need more support?

If you feel you need anything more from us, or if you want to make a change to the support you are getting, please contact us in the normal way. If you have an allocated worker, contact them. If you don’t have a worker, contact our Customer Service Centre on 01926 410410.

Opening times 

Monday to Friday: 09:00 - 17:00

During out-of-office hours, an emergency duty social worker is available from the time at which the offices close (5.00pm Monday to Friday) until 8.30am on the next normal working day. Call 01926 886922.


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