Hear from our Social Workers

I encourage others to get into social work because there really isn’t a job like it anywhere else. We often work with families when they are in times of crisis and they don’t know who to turn to for help.

We work with them to build trusting relationships so they can see the positive impact we can collectively make on their lives. There really isn’t a job like it in the world - get into social work, you won’t regret it.

- James, Social Worker at Warwickshire County Council

James birks - WCC social worker
Ramandeep Sandhu - WCC social worker

I love being a social worker because it has challenged me in ways I never expected and allowed me to build deep connections with so many people – both colleagues and children and families – that I otherwise wouldn’t have the honour of knowing.

I feel privileged that so many people have trusted me to share their stories and allowed me to support them. I love being a social worker in Warwickshire as I feel valued, supported and my development is prioritised."


- Ramandeep, Social Worker at Warwickshire County Council


“I started in Warwickshire initially as a student, so I developed a sense of belonging from the beginning. I then went to work for other local authorities because some opportunities became available in other practice areas there at the time, and I wanted to broaden my experiences. Returning to Warwickshire was always in mind for me when the right opportunity became available. From having worked in different local authorities, I’ve noticed that social workers in Warwickshire are listened to more and involved in decision making with their cases.”

“I like that there’s an overall sense of working for Warwickshire, but then within that you also have your own individual areas/districts and then within that your own teams, so you develop connections on different levels. The working environment is a lot more flexible as well, which makes work/life balance much better. I’m in a team which is countywide, so I like that I can base myself in different buildings depending on where visits are, sometimes work from home if that makes more practical sense to do so. There’s a greater sense of independence working for Warwickshire.”

“There is a comprehensive training package available, some of which does cater for more experienced workers, the IT facilities are modern and accessible and I am given the space to think creatively about how to support families to be the best they can be. Because there are lots of different teams and you develop connections with people who then move into different service areas, you can draw upon each other’s skills and people are willing to help each other.”


“To anyone thinking of joining, Warwickshire is a large and diverse county; get to know the services available in the areas and take advantage of the formal and informal training and support available. Immediately begin to build working relationships with the professional network. There is a vast amount of experienced and dedicated workers in all areas of Warwickshire that can support you to support the children and families in the best way possible for them."

Working in Children's Social Care