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If you are looking to improve your own health and wellbeing then consider the five bullets below.


Give time to others, either to friends/family, call someone or write a letter to someone you haven’t had communication within some time.

Warwickshire has a great voluntary network that includes Timebanking and Volunteering that needs people who have experience of social issues such as isolation, loneliness, bullying and domestic abuse. Your experiences can really make a difference to someone else who may be feeling the same as you.


If you have been thinking about connecting with friends and family then why not get in touch with them. If you are away from your family and friends, or you wish to make new friends then Warwickshire can offer you the Befriending scheme or Social Prescribing, which will team you up with activities and groups with similar interests as yourself.

Take Notice

If you notice your mood changes when you feel lonely or isolated, there are things you can do to help lift your wellbeing. There are things you can do to help improve your situation. There is help available to you so if you’re struggling with your mental health and wellbeing – please do seek out help.

Keep Learning

Join a hobby or interest group and learn a new skill, for ideas of what to do search our Directory or take a look at the Adult Community Learning Courses.

Be Active

If you enjoy being outside or would like to improve your mood why not take part in community sports or just meet up  with a friend and go for a walk. Take a look to see what’s on offer in Warwickshire.

Tips for connecting with others

  • Be open to new connections. You never know your new friend may just be round the corner.
  • Reach out to old friends who you have lost touch with.
  • Know when you feel at your worst and ask for help. You aren’t alone and there are support networks throughout the country that will help you.
  • Your smart phone and computer are marvellous things. Connect with friends and family via social media such as Facebook or for a virtual hello, why not try Zoom. Contact your local library who run beginner courses to get you started with the basics (it’s also another great way to meet friends).
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