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WCC Timebanking Project (formerly Time4Warwickshire)

The county's timebanking project has been supporting and promoting timebanking since October 2019. The project continues to support local communities in Warwickshire to set up and run neighbourhood timebanks to help communities and individuals and to promote co-production. This helps people to feel connected and can help with loneliness and social isolation. All of us can offer our time, our skills and knowledge and/or request free help from others when they need help. The only currency is time.

What is Timebanking?

Here's our promo video to explain how timebanking works (please note the contact details have changed since this video was produced):

What can you do with your time credits?

You can ‘spend’ your time credits when you request help from someone else in the timebank. Alternatively, you can give them to someone who needs help via the community pot or you can just save them until you need them.

Who can join?

Anyone - all you need to join is two people who can vouch for you. You must be over 14 years old. Lack of finance or limited mobility are never barriers to taking part in your local timebank. We want as many people as possible to be participating in their local neighbourhood timebank. Timebanking hours count towards job seeking hours.

So join today and complete a profile. All timebank members will be given support and advice on how to get the most from timebanking by your local timebank platform co-ordinator (or timebroker).

Where are the local timebanks?

There are currently four timebanks in Warwickshire:

Nuneaton Timebank

Rugby Timebank

Stratford District Timebank

Warwick Timebank

Happy Timebanking, join the #kindness revolution, improving our county one hour at a time #bestwarwickshire #timebanking #peoplehelpingpeople #freehelp.

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