Green Shoots Community Climate Change Fund 2021

The Warwickshire County Council Green Shoots Community Climate Change Fund provides grant funding to community projects to mitigate against, and adapt to, the impact of climate change. It is aimed at community and voluntary organisations.

In 2019, Warwickshire County Council declared a climate change emergency and made and real commitment that considerations of climate change and carbon footprint reduction would underpin all future decision-making. The Council also committed to support Communities across Warwickshire to play their part in mitigating their own impact on the environment, of which, the Green Shoots Fund will play a large role.

The Green Shoots Fund is designed to support community projects and initiatives that aim to achieve the following:

  • Increase the adaptability and resilience of Warwickshire to the effects of climate change
  • Reduce impacts on the environment, particularly regarding climate change
  • Ensure funded projects benefit the wider Warwickshire community

Like any funding, there are certain general criteria which this Fund seeks to support. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Mitigating or adapting to climate change and the environment
  • Benefits to the local community and connections between other groups and projects
  • Development of awareness in environmental issues and capacity building of local communities
  • Legacy and long-term impacts
  • Project risks and mitigation steps

Applications for funding are to be submitted during biannual funding rounds, with each round open for a period of ten weeks.

The first round of funding ran between Tuesday 2 February 2021 and 5 pm on Monday 17 May 2021 and is now closed

Who can apply to the fund?

  1. Constituted 'not-for-profit' community organisations in Warwickshire
  2. Non-constituted or new ‘not-for-profit’ groups working in Warwickshire that can be supported by a constituted mainstream service, Town or Parish Council or community group willing to administer the funds through an organisational bank account
  3. Warwickshire Town and Parish Councils
  4. Schools, if applying as a PTA or ‘Friends of’ group excluding independently funded schools

Who cannot apply to the fund?

  • Party Political/lobby groups
  • Individuals
  • Any businesses
  • Independently funded schools
  • It is unlikely that applications from statutory organisations will be supported, with the exception of applications from town and parish councils

Things the Fund will NOT support

  • Projects that promote religious or party-political beliefs
  • Projects for personal profit or personal gain
  • Costs relating to items purchased or work already carried out before the grant has been awarded
  • Loan or debt repayments
  • Activities that are part of statutory obligations
  • Running costs of an established group or activities which are that group’s main service
  • Existing contractual arrangements with WCC

All projects must follow national legislation, guidance and good practice in relation to:

  • equality and diversity
  • health and safety
  • the environment
  • safeguarding

How much funding is available?

The fund is open to applications for projects which require investment of up to a maximum of £25,000. There is no minimum application value.

Applicants are not restricted to one application but any one applicant/parish etc will only be granted funding across all projects submitted, up to a total maximum of £25,000 across the lifespan of the scheme.

Additional funding can be used to top up the grant provided by this scheme, such as by matched funding or from other sources.

Do you have a project that will make a difference to Warwickshire’s sustainability of carbon emissions? We want to hear from you:

How to apply

The first round of funding is now for the Green Shoots Fund is now closed. 

Details of the second round of funding have yet to be decided, so please keep checking back for updates.