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We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give - Sir Winston Churchill 

If you feel as though your mental health could help with a boost or that you need to escape the house for some fresh air and exercise, then get in touch with your friends or join a group or club to make new connections.

Benefits of keeping connections

  • good mental health
  • talking through your problems
  • widening your friendship group
  • taking on different viewpoints
  • building up self confidence

Have you considered volunteering for a charity?

There are lots of charities that would welcome you into their organisation as a volunteer. This is a great way of improving your core skills and learning a new skill. Taking yourself out of your comfort zone will give you a new zest for life and can help bring you a sense of pride and achievement.

The Warwickshire Directory lists most charities:

Social media

For many of us, COVID-19 has meant we are away from friends and loved ones. If you can’t physically see friends or loved ones, then you can keep in touch via a computer, handheld tablet or smartphone.

What can Facebook help me with?

  • Share birthday, anniversary and special occasion photos
  • Share posts about the things that excite you, such as:
    • planning a trip abroad
    • getting ready for the birth of a grandchild
    • update on your health
  • Share videos of events and celebrations

What can FaceTime/Zoom help me with?

Video calls - they are easy to make, and you can do them from your smart phone in the comfort of your own home. Nothing can cheer you (or the person you are calling) up more than sharing a laugh, catching up on news and generally chatting to each other.

Community forums

Community forums can help you to develop lasting friendships and can get you interested in hobbies and activities that you’ve thought about taking up.

DIY, fishing, rambling, salsa classes and antiques are just a few of the topics that you will find online. You don’t need to be an expert in any of these fields, most of the users on the forum will be more than happy to induct you into their favourite pastime.

Community forums that all share a common interest such as gardening, fishing, knitting, sports and history are just a few of the forums you can join and chat to likeminded people.

Struggling with IT?

If you find you struggle with IT and computers, then our Adult Learning Team can teach you basic IT. Don’t worry about your level of competency, the classes are run to go at a steady pace so that you have time to ask questions and go over each aspect more than once.

Warwickshire CAVA

Warwickshire Community & Voluntary Action provide a local volunteering programme for organisations across the county.

This is a great way of meeting new friends and meeting up with likeminded people. You can decide how much time you wish to offer too.

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