Get cheaper energy together: join our collective switch today

Join with Warwickshire residents and see if you could save

Over 11,000 households in Warwickshire have already signed up for our collective energy switch. Our most recent auction in October resulted in very competitive tariffs with average household savings of more than £228 a year.

How does the scheme work?

  1. Sign up for free and receive a free no obligation quote.
  2. A reverse auction will take place on Tuesday 11 February 2020 where energy suppliers are invited to bid against each other to offer a competitive deal to residents based on the number of people who will have signed up to the scheme by the auction date.
  3. The energy supplier with the best deal will win the auction and announced soon after the auction.
  4. You will receive an email or letter from 24th February onwards with an offer, based on your usage and the best deal from the auction.
  5. You have the time to decide and let us know whether you accept the offer on your personal overview page online before 24th March 2020 (by email) or by filling out and returning your paper offer letter before Tuesday 17 March 2020 (by post)
  6.  Alternatively, you can contact our partner iChoosr on 0800 048 8285 (free phone line) if you need any support and guidance throughout the registration and switching process.
  7. Please note: consider the offer carefully and check with your current provider if you will have to pay a penalty charge for terminating your contract.
  8. You can register to take part in this auction from 3 December 2019.

These auctions take place 3 times a year, in February, May and October.

No access to internet or email?

You can register up to five households on the same email address. Why not help a neighbour or friend who does not have access to the internet or email, but wants to participate?

Satisfied participants

Your collective switching scheme is run by iChoosr, in partnership with Warwickshire and other councils and unions. iChoosr is providing support to all participants of this collective switching scheme. iChoosr has years of experience in terms of saving money through collective switching. Over 1 million participants have already switched suppliers thanks to iChoosr's collective switching schemes in Great-Britain, Belgium, and the Netherlands