Understanding your bill

  • The energy tariff is how an energy provider charges you for your gas and electricity use
  • Your end date is when the tariff ends, after which you roll on to a standard tariff, unless you switch onto a cheaper tariff with your existing supplier or changing supplier altogether
  • Some tariffs (usually standard ones) do not have an end date
  • Your annual consumption is your total use of energy (in kilowatt-hours, kWh) per year
  • You can usually find this information on your bill in the ‘about your tariff’ box, usually found on the second page, or by phoning your supplier

Please note that your new contract will run for 12 months, and the cost of your energy won’t go up for the length of your contract, so your bills only change if you use more or less energy. Warwickshire Switch and Save hope to run a similar scheme around this time but it is your responsibility to change your energy contract when it expires. To take part in our scheme next year you will need to re-register with us or through iChoosr”

Fixed term contracts

You should consider if there are any possible early termination fees if you are on a fixed term contract with your current energy supplier. These should not apply in the last 49 days of your contract.

Standard tariffs

Many suppliers have increased their standard tariffs in the last few months, so now is a good time to see how much you can save. These are their ‘standard variable tariffs’. Suppliers will put you on this if you haven’t switched before or if your fixed term contract has ended. Seven out of ten households are on a standard tariff, which means they could save the most by switching.

Fixed contract

If your fixed period is coming to an end in the next month or so, you should be able to switch without penalty, some fixed contracts come with exit fees (or early termination fees). These should not apply in the last 49 days of your fixed term contract.