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Electric vehicle (EV) use is increasing, and we are working hard to install more charging points throughout Warwickshire. While charging at home is often the cheapest and easiest way to power an EV, many residents in Warwickshire have no access to off-street parking.

You can place a charging cable across a footway when using a cable protector. You must consider public safety and existing legislation when running the cable, and you are responsible for any legal liability from placing the cable or protector. Please speak to your home insurer to find out if your home insurance policy covers use of EV charging cables.

The cable protection must:

  • Be less than 32mm deep with a gradient no steeper than one in five, and comparable to a Defender Nano Lux cable protector or similar.
  • Be flush with the footway surface.
  • Cover the full width of the footway (loose, unprotected cables should not be exposed on any part on the footway, multiple protectors must be used if necessary).
  • Be high contrasting (yellow on black footway surface), and bright and visible at all times including the night.
  • Have a non-slip texture.
  • Be laid perpendicular (at right angles) to the direction of pedestrian traffic.
  • Be protected by an approved residual current device (RCD).

Loose cables must be stored off the public highway (inside property or in private front gardens), and cables and connection points must be certified for use outdoors. Cable protectors must be removed from the footway when not in use.

Please be aware of section 162 of the Highways Act 1980. Any person who places any rope, wire or other apparatus across a highway, in a way as to be likely to cause danger to people using the highway is, unless they prove that they had taken all the necessary steps to give adequate warning of the danger, guilty of an offence and liable to a fine.

This is a low cost and safe solution which will allow you to use your own electricity supply.

For more support in how to safely use a cable protector, please see our guidance.

EV charging in terraced streets (PDF, 325KB)

For questions or more support, please email

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