Did you know

  • Sandwiches and cold food options are often available as well as hot food, check with your school to see what they offer
  • Even if you don’t want to take the meals, making a claim will mean your child will get access to the holiday activities and food (HAF) programme and their school will get extra funding to support children
  • If your child attends a local authority maintained nursery and is receiving education either side of the lunch period, they might be eligible for FSM
  • 16 – 18-year-olds in education can get FSM (must be aged between 16 and 18 on 31 August to be eligible for a free meal in the following academic year). If they are attending a college, you can apply directly to the college
  • Children of parents/carers who work might still be entitled to FSM, dependant on income
  • FSM eligibility has been permanently extended to children in households with no recourse to public funds, subject to maximum income thresholds
  • Benefits will not stop or be reduced if you apply for FSM
  • FSM applications should be submitted to the local authority your child’s school is in, even if you live in another local authority
  • Once the application is successful, your child will continue to receive FSM unless parent/carer income changes