Warwickshire Local Welfare Scheme

The Warwickshire Local Welfare Scheme helps the most vulnerable residents at times of unavoidable crisis when they have no other means of help.

It provides basic and essential help for food and energy. This is provided either in emergency food parcels or with credit for energy. It is not a cash benefit.

Also see Foodbanks.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible applicants need to be a legal resident in the UK and:

  • they are aged 16 or over
  • have no other access to funds or sufficient resources to pay for food or heat
  • their situation poses a serious health or safety risk to themselves or their immediate family
  • they have been a resident of Warwickshire for the last six months, or three of the last five years
  • in the case of members of the armed forces, if they do not meet residency criteria, they should demonstrate a strong connection to Warwickshire.

Who is not eligible?

  • someone in hospital, or a care home unless their discharge is imminent
  • someone subject to immigration control by virtue of the Immigration and Asylum Act
  • applicants or their immediate family who have received three awards for food, or two awards for energy, household goods or clothing, within a 12 month period
  • prisoners and people lawfully detained
  • someone from abroad who fails or would fail the habitual residence test for the purpose of welfare benefits.

Other help available

The scheme also provides help to those whose needs are more long term, who are vulnerable through an ongoing set of circumstances rather than an immediate crisis.

This includes people that are care leavers, victims of domestic violence, former armed forces personnel, or those resettling in a community after a custodial term.

This help may take the form of help in furnishing accommodation with basic furniture and appliances.

The Local Welfare Scheme will also point customers in the direction of other agencies and organisations who can offer help and support.


Please call one of our the trained advisors. They will ask questions about your circumstances that must be answered honestly.

If you qualify,

  • you will be provided with a voucher and you will be able to collect your food parcels from one of the scheme’s partners in your area.
  • or, with an energy voucher to top up your energy meters.

Warwickshire residents can apply by: