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Difficulties with hearing or seeing are called sensory impairments. A child may need to be prescribed glasses for sight or a hearing aid to help with hearing. There does not need to be full loss of sight or hearing to have a sensory impairment.

If you notice that your child appears to have difficulty seeing or hearing, then it is important to talk to your health visitor or GP in the first instance.

IDS - Integrated Disability Service

The Integrated Disability Service run an 'on call' duty service every Monday where you can discuss your concerns with an experienced IDS practitioner.

  • Call the IDS duty line any Monday on 01926 413737.

Little Ears

Little Ears is a support group for families of babies and pre-school children with hearing loss. It is run jointly by the IDS Hearing Team and the Speech and Language Team. It is an opportunity for families to meet others and share stories and experiences. Children have the opportunity to explore and interact with their peers.

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