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We are responsible for a wide range of properties across the county. These properties enable us to deliver our service commitments. In addition our Real Estate holdings allow us to manage land and buildings to support our wider strategic objectives both now and in the future.

The Council owns or operates from over 770 assets, made up of 2,558 buildings. The total floor area is 1,245,000 m2 and the total land area is 3,382 Ha, roughly equivalent to 4,500 football pitches.

Our Property Strategy sets out the choices we make in relation our land and buildings in order to:

  • take opportunities to invest in new land and properties
  • dispose of surplus land and property
  • manage and maintain our properties over the longer term
  • maximise our financial return on our properties (through greater income generation, improved efficiency and collaboration across the Directorates)
  • maximise both our staff working environment and the impact on the people in Warwickshire

The property decisions we make are aimed at supporting the outcomes and delivering on the ambition set out in the Council Plan 2025.

For Asset management plan guidance or property review and performance management guidance, please contact

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