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How to recycle this item

Clean and dry items can be donated to jumble sales and charity shops or taken your nearest household waste recycling centre (HWRC) and place in the textile bank.  Old items, not suitable for re-use can be placed in the textile bank at your nearest household waste recycling centre. Please also see bedding.

Did you know: In Warwickshire, 10% of any income generated from the sale of textiles from the recycling centre is donated to Guide Dogs. Your local council may also offer a free textiles collection service please contact them to find out if textiles are collected. Find which recycling centre you can take this item to using our what you can take where map.

Items accepted
Accepted Not accepted    
Bags and belts


Bed linen Duvets
Blankets Glass
Clothing (clean and dry) Metal
Curtains Pillows
Shoes (paired) Plastic
Table linen Rubbish
Towels Soiled or wet textiles

Duvets could be offered for free on re-use sites such as freegle or freecycle.  Duvets are sometimes accepted at dog rescue centres and used for bedding. Check the Recycle Now web page for current duvet and pillow recycling information.

After exhausting re-use options, duvets can be disposed of in the general waste, either at home or at your local recycling centre.


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