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Health and safety for businesses

  • Animal health

    We continue to work with Animal Health, Defra and other partners to ensure readiness for any suspected animal disease in Warwickshire.

  • Help your business – business continuity

    Business continuity is a planning process aimed at managing the risks you face. Keeping the critical elements of your business operational in the event of an emergency and recovery of it afterwards.

  • Business fire safety

    Fires in business premises or other places where people work, meet or gather may cause serious harm or injury. There is also a significant economic cost, and many businesses which experience a fire never re-open.

  • Managing Occupational Road Risk for Business

    Occupational Road Risk affects employers and employees alike with a cost of £2.7bn every year to business as a result of road collisions.

  • Asbestos Training

    Who needs Asbestos Awareness?

Health and safety for businesses was last updated on December 23, 2015.